Facts About Smartphone You Need To Know


While it’s usual for smartphones to come in several sizes, the internet is always the key. A smartphone sans internet is akin to a hamburger without the ham. As of now, over a quarter of the smartphone users rarely access internet from anywhere else other than their smartphone. Experts have […]

How To Protect Your Data On A Smartphone?


Risks Many of us forget about the dangers hidden in smartphones. And yes, just like desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and other handheld devices are susceptible to risks related to personal data protection. One fact that contributes to this issue is that smartphones and other handheld devices are small and […]

PC Games or Gaming Consoles For Future?


There is an increasing trend on PC games when compared to consoles games and this has prompted console device manufacturers and game developers to strategically seek for new innovations in the gadgets. There have been improvements on these handheld devices in the past such as internet connectivity, Bluetooth features as […]

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